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15 October 2015

Preparing powerful comms strategies: our latest guide

The secret to any successful project or campaign is a solid strategic foundation. What is it contributing to, in a wider sense? What is it helping to achieve in the grander scheme of things?

Whether you're preparing to write a brand new comms strategy, or you're planning to review and revise an existing one, our latest free guide will help you get to the heart of what the best strategies can and should do for your organisation. It also offers tips and advice on the process and the core elements to cover.

This is the latest in our series of free resources written for charities and community groups. If there are topics you'd like us to cover please get in touch.

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12 October 2015

The Brooke calls in Amazon

We're delighted to announce that we're working with The Brooke, the international animal welfare organisation dedicated to improving the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules in some of the world's poorest countries.

Amazon has been recruited to work with the in-house team on a range of exciting national media opportunities over the coming months.

Head of Communications at The Brooke Rachel Bhageerutty says:

'We have some fantastic Ambassadors supporting the charity's work and we're delighted to be hosting visits to our projects overseas so they can experience what we do and the impact that we have first-hand.

'We've brought Amazon on board to help make the most of our amazing content and demonstrate the difference working equines make, delivering lasting, positive change around the world.'

Find out more about The Brooke's work.

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25 September 2015

Amazon marks 15th anniversary

We are celebrating this month. It's 15 years since Amazon was established.

In that time, we have of course seen a great deal of change in society and within the voluntary and public sectors, and massive shifts in the way comms is delivered. We've responded and adapted to each challenge and each opportunity.

For us, though, two things have remained the same. From the start, our approach has been a bit different. 'Not your usual PR types' is often how we're described. Or 'refreshingly real', as one of our clients said. That hasn't changed and it won't. Fluff and guff can be found in our profession, but not in our office. Our team is strategic, smart, creative and dynamic, but our feet are on the ground and they're staying there!

Secondly, we remain true to our purpose. There were some doubters 15 years ago, those who felt we were naïve to specialise in work for values-based organisations and brands that have a positive impact. But that's what we've done and what we'll continue to do.

An anniversary is a good time to take stock. To thank our clients, our colleagues and our partners and to look forward to the next stage in our journey together.

But it's not our style to gaze inwardly for too long or to be self-congratulatory. There's work to be done.

Read more in our blog post.

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27 July 2015

Managing media relations for Holocaust Memorial Day 2016

For the third year running, we are working with the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, the organisation responsible for marking Holocaust Memorial Day in the UK.

The national commemoration is held each year on 27 January to remember the millions of people killed in the Holocaust, Nazi Persecution and in subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur.

In 2015, Holocaust Memorial Day marked the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

The theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2016 is 'Don't stand by' and we are delighted to be working on it alongside our digital partners Nonsense.

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22 June 2015

Helping you plan policy campaigns: Our new guide

Spend ten minutes on or 38 Degrees and you'll know that people are hungry for change.

It's not just individuals. Many charities are compelled to start campaigning, affected by new policies and facing increased demand in areas where public funding is being cut.

If your organisation is planning its first policy campaign you'll find our new Introduction useful. Our tips will help you form your campaign and your argument, and build support.

This is the latest in our series of free resources written for charities and community groups. If there are topics you'd like us to cover please get in touch.

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