Each year thousands of children leave primary school unable to read to the expected level.

Beanstalk recruits and trains volunteer reading helpers to provide one-to-one support to children struggling with their reading, and asked us to help attract new volunteers.

We are working with the charity on a national recruitment campaign, reaching out to key audiences, tied to relevant events throughout the year. We have commissioned research around times when people are thinking about new challenges – retirement and New Year – which has shone a light on the importance of picking ‘something meaningful’ and allowed us to highlight Beanstalk’s rewarding volunteering opportunities that change children’s lives.

Beanstalk’s volunteer reading helpers have been interviewed about what they get out of the experience, and celebrity ambassador Jon Snow has helped bring Beanstalk to a wider public. Letters to the editor from the charity’s chief executive allowed us to reach even more people across the country.

The campaign has delivered strong print and online coverage for the charity including pieces in the Daily Mail, the Guardian, Mature Times and The People’s Friend. We’ve secured 130 pieces of coverage so far, with articles in each of Beanstalk’s priority locations across the country. Our work with Beanstalk continues.

Beanstalk volunteer reading helper