Meet James Gillies

What initially attracted me to work at Amazon is the diverse range of issues the agency works on. From mental health, social care, housing affordability to environmental conservation, Amazon’s clients make hugely positive contributions to society and I wanted to support them. 

The incredible range of work is my favourite aspect of the job. On my first day at Amazon I was at a media training workshop discussing antisemitism. Since then I have helped coordinate media around the Lord Mayor’s Hot Air Balloon Regatta. And this week I have been visiting care homes to speak with elderly residents about bridging the gap between them and younger generations. Every day is different and you learn about a number of issues affecting our society, whilst developing communications skills.

Settling in at Amazon was easy as the team are lovely, down to earth and honest. We enjoy doing amazing work to the best of our abilities, and also having a good chat while we are at it.

I am most proud of a recent campaign we did around environmental conservation on World Population Day. Primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall was a childhood hero of mine, and working with her on the campaign was a highlight.