Meet Sarah Burns

My first three months at Amazon have certainly been unlike any other start to a job. After four weeks of settling into a new team and adjusting to a new way of working, the UK went into lockdown.

My previous experience has predominantly been in-house (including seven years at the Canal & River Trust), and the variation of both clients and work at Amazon have been the biggest changes, and what I’ve enjoyed the most. Since joining Amazon, I’ve worked on GambleAware, Forces in Mind Trust and Access to Justice Foundation, among others. From writing social media plans, blogs and press releases, to brainstorming ideas and pitching to the UK media, as well as the legal, health and forces media, no two days are the same.

Joining a passionate, results-driven team is really inspiring and being able to craft stories that resonate with different audiences for a range of clients makes every day interesting. And seeing results for clients makes it all worthwhile.

It has been a challenging start because of the corona crisis and I’m looking forward to the camaraderie of office working again. But working at Amazon is one of the best examples of teamwork I’ve experienced, and that’s been invaluable during the transition to starting a new job whilst working from home.

Sarah Burns, May 2020