Set against the backdrop of the UK’s housing crisis, the Affordable Housing Commission (AHC) was established to examine the causes and effects of the affordability crisis and what is needed to tackle it, building a consensus for change.

We were brought on board by think tank the Smith Institute to launch the commission with research showing that two thirds of the UK public believe there to be a national affordable housing crisis. The research found that 70% of renters say they would need to win the lottery to buy their own home. We secured widespread coverage for the commission and its Chair Lord Richard Best, in national media titles including Metro Online and Mirror.

We have gone on to manage further media announcement for the AHC, including the launch of its report ‘Defining and measuring housing affordability – an alternative approach’. We crafted a press release based on the report’s findings, revealing that one in five households face issues of housing affordability. We pitched the news to national and sector media and achieved print, online and broadcast coverage, with key pieces appearing in Bloomberg, The Daily Mirror, Metro, The Guardian, The Independent and The Sun.

We also provided media support for a roadshow of regional events held with the Town and Country Planning Association in locations including York, Birmingham and Exeter. We generated local coverage in newspapers including The Exeter Daily and York Press.

Our work with the Affordable Housing Commission continues.

For the launch of the Affordable Housing Commission’s new measure of housing affordability, we secured 57 pieces of media coverage with a total Opportunity to See (OTS) of over 20.5 million.