We worked with the in-house team at children’s literacy charity Beanstalk to audit all their existing social media channels to build a detailed picture of who they were engaging with, and where that engagement took them.

We used the insights gathered to shape a new, strategic approach to social media, establishing the value each platform could and should hold, and the content and audiences that would deliver most impact there. Our strategy included a focus on streamlining activity, and managing regional and national accounts without duplicating effort or confusing messaging,

We also worked with Beanstalk to ensure the strategy was useable, and used. We provided detailed guidance and reference sheets for all those responsible for social platforms, including regional teams, as well as specific training on Facebook advertising. And we facilitated a workshop with regional and central comms representatives, to aid in the roll out of the new strategy, and to inform tactical planning for the year ahead.

The new strategy is already having an impact. Social media is now Beanstalk’s most successful source of volunteer enquiries. Almost 20% of enquiries are generated by social media; in previous years, the figure was just 2%.

Volunteer recruitment