The No Homeless Veterans campaign was established with the bold ambition to reduce homelessness among veterans as close to zero as possible. It aims to do this by ensuring Local Authority housing teams, who are at the frontline of supporting those in housing need, are aware of the enhanced support available to veterans and know where to signpost ex-Service personnel so they receive the best possible support.

We were part of the team working on the campaign, with responsibility for media relations as well as commissioning the design and delivery of the campaign microsite and marketing materials. For launch, we used new Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) data which showed that local authorities were failing to identify veterans when they presented themselves for housing, with thousands potentially falling through the gap. 

We generated print, online and broadcast coverage including a double-page spread in The Sun featuring a thoughtpiece from campaign spokesperson Ed Tytherleigh and interviews with former veterans who had experienced homelessnessWachieved broadcast pieces with Channel 5, ITV London and BBC Radio London, who interviewed veterans who had struggled to navigate the housing system once leaving the Armed Forces. The news story also appeared in The Daily Star and Express.  

For a second media push we used new analysis of local authority activity to reveal how many are failing to take account of veterans in their homelessness and housing strategies. We secured coverage and thought leadership opportunities in local authority, armed forces and housing sector titles including New Start, Inside Housing, 24 Housing and LocalGov. 

The campaign reached every Local Authority in England. Many were briefed face to face or online, and toolkits were distributed to all. The campaign was well received by housing teams, many of whom committed to adjusting their services so that homeless veterans are identified as quickly as possible and signposted to the best possible support.

“This innovative campaign was superbly planned and executed, and engaged delivery organisations at an unprecedented scale.” Ray Lock Chief Executive of funder FiMT.

In the first seven months of the campaign we secured 234 pieces of media coverage with an overall ‘opportunity to see’ of over 21 million. Since launch, 800 toolkits have been sent out and over 60 meetings and 120 briefings have taken place with local authorities, changing the way veterans are supported at the point of need.