Covid-19: Impact on comms

Covid-19 is impacting all organisations. We want to understand how priorities are changing and what this means for PR and comms professionals. This will help us offer the most useful support.

The following questions will take no more than 5 minutes to complete. We won’t share your answers or contact details with anyone – we only ask for your email address so we can enter you into a lucky draw.

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2. Tell us about your organisation. 
I work for...
3. What is your organisation’s main area of work?
EG: healthcare; social welfare; housing; grant-making; legal advice

4. What is the main function of your role?
EG: organisational leadership; policy and public affairs; communications and marketing; fundraising and income generation

5. Are you on furlough?

6. In response to Covid-19, has your organisation significantly altered its plans?

7. How have your plans changed?

8. What is your organisation’s main priority for the next six months? (select one)

9. What role do you think communications can play in delivering this priority?

10. From a communications point of view, what is the one thing your organisation would find most useful at the moment? (select one)

11. Many organisations are making greater use of online training, to help them now and to equip them for the longer-term. Are you?

12. If you are, what format do you find most useful? (select all that apply)

13. If you are not, would you like to find out more?

14. Would you or your team value short one-off consultation or training sessions to help you brainstorm or solve issues you're facing?

15. Which topics would be most useful to you? (select all that apply)

16. Please let us have your email address so we can enter you into our prize draw.

17. Would you like us to contact you to discuss how we can support you?

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