What we do

PR campaigns

We work with our clients to define communications strategies, with focused objectives, sound audience understanding and clear messaging, working through the right channels. We develop, plan and deliver campaigns that are creative, effective and impactful.

Media relations

We devise and manage media campaigns on mainstream and complex topics. We develop stories for national, sector and regional print, broadcast and social media. We handle thought leadership and profiling, and support and train spokespeople.


We offer senior-level consultancy to organisations needing support and advice from an experienced individual. We can provide guidance on strategy development and planning, help directing teams or projects, and counsel for senior management teams.


Many of our clients work to bring about change, by influencing policy-makers or encouraging new behaviours. Through strategic consultancy, media relations, social media and public affairs, we make sure their research, recommendations and calls to action are heard by those with the power to deliver change.

Building support

For some clients, the goal of their comms activity is to build support. This can take different forms. We help organisations with volunteer recruitment, fundraising, celebrity and influencer involvement, or through campaigns designed to galvanise the public and partners around a particular issue.

Partnership working

A good relationship between client and agency teams is essential. We communicate openly and work transparently, keeping clients informed and involved throughout. We are committed to the sectors we work in, speaking at events, volunteering in our communities and sharing our knowledge.